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Fellowship Program Name: Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeons of Northern California
Fellowship Website:
Fellowship Director: Paul Gregory, MD
Fellowship Director Email:
Program Address: 6620 Coyle Ave
Ste 212
Carmichael, CA 95608-6337
Program Phone: (916) 536-9455
Fellowship Coordinator: Pat Jones
Fellowship Coordinator Email:
Fellowship Coordinator Phone Number: (916) 536-9455
Fellowship Description: The purpose of the fellowship program is to advance the fellow’s knowledge, skills and clinical acumen to a level well beyond what can be achieved during the course of a traditional orthopaedic residency. In so doing, the fellowship is meant to be the keystone in the fellow’s orthopaedic education. The experience prepares him to immediately enter orthopaedic trauma practice comfortable in all respects that he can provide appropriate care for his patients and conduct his practice successfully. While learning facts and accumulating knowledge, as is done in residency, is an important beginning, possessing the wisdom to apply this effectively in the clinical setting comes with time and experience. A one-year fellowship experience in our program is intended to advance the fellow several years further in achieving such wisdom. Furthermore, the fellowship is intended to offer perspective and allow the fellow to be appropriately discriminatory. While new and innovative techniques are often seen as preferred, many don’t stand the test of time. The fellowship experience will allow the graduate to recognize and deal with such issues for the betterment of his approach to patient care. Goals The fellowship will be an advanced apprenticeship in the care of patients with musculoskeletal injuries of the extremities and pelvis. The primary goal of the experience is to advance the fellow closer to achieving expertise in caring for patients with musculoskeletal injuries. Our fellows are taught that they are physicians first, orthopaedic surgeons second and traumatologists third. Optimal patient outcome and overall patient satisfaction is the goal of treating our patients and is the goal of the fellowship. All fellows enter the program after successful completion of an accredited residency program. The fellowship is designed to advance their knowledge, judgment, and technical skills well beyond that of a general orthopaedic surgeon. Although didactic learning and studying literature is clearly of value, these experiences alone will not as effectively advance the fellow toward expertise as will one-on-one apprenticeship with experienced attending faculty. Therefore, the fellowship is designed to immerse the fellow in a high-volume trauma setting with close, daily interaction and exposure to seasoned surgeons who are passionate about treating their trauma patients effectively. Specific goals include furthering knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries, understanding treatment decision making, developing surgical technical skills, and evaluating techniques of research into musculoskeletal injuries. The fellow will be introduced to new techniques of care as well as being given ample opportunity to apply techniques that are well established. They will be taught to be highly discriminatory in applying new technology that is not well supported by clinical experience. In addition, the fellowship will introduce and educate the fellow in the experience of managing and administering a busy trauma service in a busy trauma hospital. This will include interaction with other medical services, hospital administration, and ancillary help within the orthopaedic service, including the outpatient clinic setting. The fellow will have ample time in the follow up of musculoskeletal injuries to develop a degree of judgement in managing patients postoperatively. Finally, through his interaction in the private office that is part of our program, he will gain insight into the business of orthopaedics as it relates to hospitals, third party payers and patients.
# of Trauma Fellows: 1
Fellowship Period: 1 year
Accrediting Agency: OTA
# of Full-Time Faculty 3
# of Full Time Faculty - OTA Members 3
Trauma Center Level: Level 2 Trauma Center
# of Yearly Orthopaedic Trauma Procedures 2200
# of Yearly Trauma Admissions (ISS>17) 433
# of Acetabular Fractures (27226-27228): 25
# of Pilon Fractures (27826-27828): 28
# of Femoral Shaft Fractures (27506): 40