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Fellowship Program Name: Stanford University School of Medicine
Fellowship Website:
Fellowship Director: Michael Gardner
Fellowship Director Email:
Program Address: 450 Broadway St
Pavilion C MC6342
Redwood City, CA 94063-3132
Program Phone: (650) 721-7624
Fellowship Coordinator: Toni W. Bassett
Fellowship Coordinator Email:
Fellowship Coordinator Phone Number: 650-721-7628
Fellowship Description: The Orthopedic Trauma Service at Stanford offers a 1 year intensive experience in Orthopedic Trauma. This advanced, post-residency training will prepare the fellow for a future leadership position in the field of musculoskeletal trauma care including pelvis and acetabular fractures, post-traumatic reconstruction, hip and pelvis reconstruction; the treatment of acute polytrauma and periarticular fractures.
# of Trauma Fellows: 1
Fellowship Period: 1 year
Accrediting Agency: OTA
# of Full-Time Faculty 4
# of Full Time Faculty - OTA Members 4
Trauma Center Level: Level 1 ACS Trauma Center
# of Yearly Orthopaedic Trauma Procedures 1200
# of Yearly Trauma Admissions (ISS>17) 40
# of Acetabular Fractures (27226-27228): 40
# of Pilon Fractures (27826-27828): 25
# of Femoral Shaft Fractures (27506): 55