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Fellowship Program Name: University of Louisville
Fellowship Director: David Seligson, MD
Fellowship Director Email:
Program Address: University of Louisville Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
550 S Jackson St
Louisville, KY 40202-1622
Program Phone: (502) 852-8605
Fellowship Coordinator: Tammy Thompson
Fellowship Coordinator Email:
Fellowship Coordinator Phone Number: (502) 852-8605
Fellowship Description: The educational program involves participation in the didactic conferences, clinical responsibilities both in the operating room and in the clinic and office, and scholarly activities. Though the fellow’s experience involves supervised in-depth experience with a senior faculty member on a daily basis, the fellow does participate in didactic conferences including Grand Rounds, Fracture Conference, and orthopaedic surgery resident lectures. Clinical education involves seeing 20-25 patients three times a week in the outpatient setting as part of the Level I trauma medical center. In addition, the fellow has comprehensive operative exposure to long bone fractures, periarticular fractures, pelvic and acetabular fractures, diagnostic imaging and overall physiologic assessment of the multiply-injured patient, and injury care and management as part of a team within a large healthcare system.
# of Trauma Fellows: 3
Fellowship Period: 1 year
Accrediting Agency: OTA
# of Full-Time Faculty 3
# of Full Time Faculty - OTA Members 5
Trauma Center Level: Level 1 State Trauma Center
# of Yearly Orthopaedic Trauma Procedures 4914